maturetvslut (maturetvslut) wrote,

Tuesday 16th October 2018.

I never read Alice In Wonderland, Winnie The Poo, or any of those classic's as a child, the older i have become the affectionate they now hold seams to fold into my imagination every time i see a copy, i am not sure if that thought makes me sad or perhaps a linger over childhood when childhood opens a pandora's box of thoughts memories sunken into those years long ago. I have found for myself better to travel through life with no regrets that are too powerful to sink me into a melancholy madness especially as autumn begins to show force amongst mother nature beyond the window of this room.
Today i dropped some empty shoe boxes to be used for filling for charity Christmas gift boxes at my mothers front door...i was there no more than one minute...dressed still in her night gowns i could not but help float back to the 60's when Valium was her mains stay in life, climbing out of the kitchen window to go to school was not a strange feat in those regrets perhaps a touch of sadness, a selfish thought of what would she think about the word transvestite is something to play with amongst the famous blue raincoat hours...and flirted briefly as i drove the 70's i once more climbed out of the kitchen window in the clothes i was dressed in and never returned to live or call a house where my mother lived home...
Perhaps a touch of melancholy tonight but let's hope the madness stays over the horizon kept away by the the blue rinse of a kimono and the thought of King Canute still trying after all these centuries past, to turn the tide.
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