maturetvslut (maturetvslut) wrote,

Monday 22nd October 2018.

Monday a new week begins..i have not looked at the weather forecast for the coming days, nor have i heard from Miss over her questions and my replies both of which i could say are a positive note. As i sit before this machine to contemplate the week ahead...I am in comfortable mood i have dressed comfortable also, the busted bra of the weekend is past i reflect on those hours, as well as the length of gap growing again to chatter amongst my thoughts across this white screen once more grows.
Over the weekend i trawled through the back waters of Manchester making my way down to the Famous Whitworth Art Gallery for an exhibition on screen printing, it was jam packed with people moving between stalls squeezing past people as always took its toll half of me thinking fabulous always glancing what fems are wearing the ogle of make up..with thoughts i like that lipstick and other such things of wishing i had her real chest...sigh...whilst the other half of me was screaming out get out into the sunshine and breath... the stillness to pause sit awhile and watch the falling leaves on a sunshine day...of such rarity for Manchester....thankfully i kept the peace inside my body by managing both keeping my soul in a handsome manner as i cross dress in this crazy world.
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