maturetvslut (maturetvslut) wrote,

Friday 16th November 2018.

Thankfully the train journey to Sheffield on the more of contentment than the summer madness of massed walking boots destined for the hills the train passes through, as the sunshine blared through the windows showed the glitter in fallen leaves barring what i call the witches fingers as bare rain sodden branches pointing up to God. The curve of the track routing the eyes across mother nature felt peace and for once i declined to stuff my head phones on to keep out the din from passing mobile phones aloud on whom is shagging whom and what's for tea tonight darling conversations. Sheffield is a quaint railway station a mixture of brute force steel and glassed glass from defunct steam age to the electric and diesel ugly sisters whom now prod the rails i always keep my fingers crossed hoping a sit up and beg train does carry me forth whom ever thought of such a concept should be forced to ride them non stop for life perhaps then they might think on whom sits on what.
I spent seven hours in servitude to Miss...clean this, sort that, on hands and knees reach this pass me that....i go because the feelings of Sissy inside me must..i am aloud to wear the clothes i wish from nudity to encased from head to toe...for this trip i encased my sissy clitty in a steel cage with a small tube slipping into my clitty hole...flimsy baby doll nighties finished my dress for i felt the urge to show Miss what i had between my legs..she took it as matter of fact more interested in time and tasks ahead...the time was enjoyable and we lost our selves in giggles laughs and hard work..there was an offer of a flogging by cane right in the last moments but i declined...for i need more time to think on a cane for do i really want to think on school times rather than the size of Miss's large breasts to help me through the pain barrier and why i wish to serve her...i do no the choice of the cane will not perhaps in future be a choice...however i will meet that bridge..i was given an old bra of hers and sold for two pound a dress she no longer needs which really made my day...
This morning i had to simply pull off my cage and release myself and hope a day never comes when a cage is the norm to wear each day for that would simply be Gosh...So Goeth.
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