maturetvslut (maturetvslut) wrote,

Tuesday 6th April 2010.

The temperatures are beginning to climb can i detect the magic of simply seeing 50F in the coming days,nature is full of waving yellow bringing life to the grey above. Yellow is simply Easter, not a particular slutty colour but enough to make me sit down and obey my fem side who sees such a rise in temps as an opening to life..the endless search for the perfect Bitch a DOM-BITCH...simply two words in a pod of dreams the years of this search has been endless and could you call a male a dom bitch..a dom master does not quite bring the yellow out of the haze.

I had an e-mail from the dark one a request to attend last Monday..the outer coating to his lair has been far removed from drab,the bright new shinny white door the gold plated letterbox..i stood there finger on button, always asking myself, why me..?? the finger pressed the bell as i knew it would, the door opened closed behind me the old burnt out cooker had been removed at least some improvement then.

Ushered into the bedroom the the flag of skull and crossed bones still dominates to wall,curtains drawn the dim light makes the black bed cover wrinkle under human skin forms from sleep past.
" have you time to dress "
I simply nod....i am left awhile to dress, as i pull on the soft silky the black tights he adores i can feel this slut screaming
" got you suck cock suck cock "
i lay back on the bed look at the ceiling trying to play with the world beyond the curtain, it seems ages before time ticks, the door opens, he is also in tights,he lays on the bed opens his legs i know him enough to begin and what is expected,what i also hope is when my mouth pulls over the head, the bishops helmet,the glistening monkey or simply what ever,then i know why i have come to feed, a revenge on all those demons, for once i am eating them, tasting their juice,my moans tell me i cannot get enough..." your good "
Please, my mind, tells him to rip those tights then real flesh, real cock,deep throating until my eyes water the more my eyes water the deeper he pushes the louder his moans, the louder the word slut echoes from the black and white flag above my head.
Turned over as a toy...panties tights removed " open your whore hole, wider "..the cold feel of lub touches my skin,the rip of a condom packet lets me know..."Lower Lower " the demand is coming, i feel his fingers probing first one it seems lost then another two i feel filled his thrusting fingers gorge on my skin " whore, slut, dirty slut, then silence , he pushes, i open, i feel no pain he pushes all they way in the only sound in the room becomes the slapping of skin, as he pushes violently his cock in condom the slippery ouse of lube gathers steam, a steam i did not at that moment want to stop.
As i left him to join the real world letting myself out i glanced back the crack in the lounge door had him framed sat smoking quietly.

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