maturetvslut (maturetvslut) wrote,

Saturday 29th December 2018.

I am now down to the last few days of the year...has it flown by or is that a tired old cliche trooped out during this time of year.Will i make any promises to my self that will mean anything at all. Am i despondent or simply tired after a long day in wrinkled stockings and a tight bra which i loved...i seemed to have grown this year into the tight wrapped feeling perhaps it makes me concentrate on the sissy i have evolved into...a short while ago in terms of months i went back to search for the mistress whom put me down the sissy route lifestyle alas she has gone...i was quite shocked as if a page had been torn out of my life...i could not help but feel quite sad...for a good mistress is hard to find..i only skidded away for i could not serve to the ability she wanted life then was a tumble dryer in a lost life drives us whom dwell on the outer fringes of the word normal lost in the cabbage world...may 2019 capture the magic of Butterflies rather than pink Elephants pissing. So Goeth.
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