maturetvslut (maturetvslut) wrote,

Sunday 15th August 2010.

It has been a long summer,the tension within myself to pull on stockings is becoming unbearable,each day i awake it is the first thought in my head my fem side bursts almost through my toothbrush,
de-flowering my mind to migrate amongst the deep black thoughts i have in my world of being a transvestite,sometimes you feel constantly alone as if you are the only transvestite to walk the planet, silly vanity tells me this in tiny room. These feelings are hard to push away,especially when i hear out in the real world the disdain about the mere word transvestite the mockery the tone of voice, can and does make me shrivel away and sigh if only not me.
This comes more with age as the tiny lines on my body increase,train tracks tram lines what ever there is no holding back,it is far better to simply let go and enjoy what time you have before the transvestite wheel chair turns myself into some grump. 
But hey the sunshine this morning pours through the window,i will go into my panty draw and tease myself for the remainder of this trinity Sunday.And i have found recently that i have come to the time to make lists with targets tripping through this blog must be one of them,i did buy some slutty clothes over the summer via the big wide web yet they stay under wrappers,i bought them in mind for when the dark master calls to see if i can fit in some time to be his for a few hours,serving him is humiliating and embarrassing yet on those two whims of his i thrive,yet they are also whims of my own, the dark wallowing is an escape perhaps, but what from, as i recap when people whom are none transvestite friendly jib and jibe. So this morning i will simply accept a HA...and move on too the lists and perhaps i will be back here more often to rest my mind amongst my dark inner thoughts,perhaps i should be like Alice in wonderland and slay a few jabberwhocky's.

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