maturetvslut (maturetvslut) wrote,

Tuesday 16th August 2011.

My stockings are strewn  on the bed,my bra and panties hang on the bathroom door knob,i have been home alone for nearly three weeks it has been bliss to dress letting my fem rampage..the only hiccup was the big cock i was expecting to feast on sadly let me down..time the ticking clock can be so cruel..but life is as they say and small jobbies have to be taken in long gasps.
I also treated myself to a purple wig..seeing as i am hurtling down the looking like Panto-dame the days have gone when i could have perhaps passed for a young slut...when i was taken for a fem with my long hair confusion was rampant but now in my mature stockings age all i can say is ha and enjoy the rest of my fem side. Town was good on Sunday..i even put on some bright red nail varnish all be it just my thumb just felt so nice as my embarrassment vanished as the  the warmth of the day increased. I did have a wee hiccup also, one of my false nipples slipped away i must not trust the skin glue in the future and make sure i wear a bra next time i feel the urge to wear my nipples...on their own.
Another spank is to keep this blog from just festering in my mind alone,rather than sit here for at least a short while to let the fem side roll around the world in some form at least.
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