maturetvslut (maturetvslut) wrote,

Sunday 25th September 2011.

 The days pass, endless games tricks doubt cringe bottle up amongst the space in my head, this blank white screen tells no lies as more wrinkles move on up....i went for a haircut yesterday the mirror in front of me told no lies either, the lines in my face float in harmony tram tracks on tracks. The lady whom cut my hair spoke no words i was left with my thoughts that indeed she smells nice, as her real breasts pushed,bushed around in unison to the clippers.
In my dark dreams i have always wanted a real pair of breasts instead of silicone has beens..i thought perhaps smiling to myself as the hair fell around me that i could buy smiles to myself only brought up more lines across the tram tracks already there.
I asked myself when does a transvestite it perhaps never, am i doomed to wander this path of pulling up wrinkled old stockings for ever. I also remember in youth trying to fight packing up all my fem clothes and dumping them in some local tip only to feel the grip once more bite and again i built up my fem collection.
And where do all the mature transvestites go and those whom think they are sluts still suck cocks...urrmmm becareful here or i'll be aroused this trinity sunday of mine....
But most of all let me come back here quite soon as old transvestites never goeth..but perhaps go out of fashion... 
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