maturetvslut (maturetvslut) wrote,

Sunday 9th October 2011.

Autumn has arrived the dark nights have fumbled through summers panty draw, ravished such things, such thin material has no hope of changing the coarse of the coming season,no dream of stockings can hold back the tide which i know will roll over the hill tops pinching me as it passes either i roll with it or sink into melancholy madness....far to many times i have sunk, this year i am aghast to beat such a sinking, it is never all gloom that is the message i must drill myself with as i watch the rain tumble down the windows from which i hide from the world after work has beaten me to almost a pulp.
Ha i say to myself as on the morrow i know butterflies will once more breed within i have been requested to turn myself into a TV-Domme, and at last i have made the effort to name a place and time for i know full well what the meaning of rejection is all about, this person has been asking for now nearly two years and i feel that at last i must make some effort to meet more than the odd few occasions we have met in the past i had thought this person would have given up and moved on to find a true Domme to enliven the fantasies, even when i told the person it was not for me that being a switch was difficult it has clawed back into my life.
At some point in the evening i will lay bare my panties and make it worship what lies beneath when i would rather that i was indeed feasting on his own, she, him, is trying to change into a TV....or should i be honest his wife has requested no demanded him to be turned into this fem mode as he is no longer fit to slip into a real pussy and has to be content with mine.
Yet strangely this all turns me on that his wife now Domme's me to such an extent,that if i do not receive her printed word i feel lost and just thinking how i used to wonder about the simple life of being a transvestite was thoughtful enough...
This blog might become more graffito if all goes well tomorrow....fingers crossed.  
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