maturetvslut (maturetvslut) wrote,

Sunday 24th May 2009.

At last i have found time to come and sit a while and scribble slutty mind has been full of moments but i have been to lazy to wander will have to stop the female inside me has screamed away to come here..but i know me, lazy bitch at times to much time thinking of sucking cocks,dressing as fem, pulling on stockings the urge to dress as a female, to be a full time transvestite is never far away..i am going shopping this morning i am tempted to look and see what small tiny bit of fem i can find..i must also make more effort stop sliding back i must go back to some nail varnish for everyday use i am missing it i keep looking at my nails feeling that buzz that holds me about my sexuality,femininity, the urge to have juicy cocks thrusting away inside my body is whooshing my head.I have to deal with it.
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