maturetvslut (maturetvslut) wrote,

Sunday 6th November 2011.

I am in bed quite naked,the slut is at peace now that the ticking clock tells the story, that my sunday draws to a close but not before giving me orders for the week ahead. She can be quite a domme telling what is left of my male side to bugger off in large jerky movements....and not even bat an eyelid when giving orders or such demands.She relishes the fact my pussy training has once more become a patten rather than the odd fester attempt here and there as the months pass...three times last week my large pink dildo came out beating a hefty rythm it does not replace a real cock that feeling of being fucked is like no other but it will entice me to look next year to see if any one wants an old slut to play with.
It is a good job to i did not tell her that i was thinking of hanging up my panties that age is fast catching me up..but thanks to some advice from an old friend i can now make plans for next year as i know that the slut is up for it bless her cotton socks.
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